About Us


Our vision is to bridge gap between regulatory expectations and healthcare industry clinical data submission package.


To provide accurate, ethical, insightful clinical data to patrons which facilitates and augments creation of healthy society.


Eupraxia employs the best state of the art infrastructure and facilitates timely deliverables with the help of the team which has significant expertise in their arena and possesses considerable years of domain experience which leads to a competitive advantage. The team shall remain persistent in ascertaining the commitments and values that are part of the foundation, allowing for the company to continue prospering.

The combination of strong Business Development, Technical Support and Innovative Technologies from all our business units with shared values; forms the basis of Eupraxia. We strengthen the existing teams by hiring a diverse employee population that is amalgamated by these values. Eupraxia has robust infrastructure in place maintaining the highest standards of ethical business models to sustain services and support to its clients.

  • Number of licensed software including Server Based SAS®
  • Well established Standard Operating Procedures
  • Periodic training schedules to employees
  • Strong product base to automate services
  • Well documented and proven business continuity plan
  • Stringent Information security policy
  • Well qualified and trained resources with remarkable bench strength